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Catoctin View Farm
2630 Point of Rocks Road
Knoxville, MD
Shelly Geasler & Pete Roe

15 Ewes.  Suffolk, Romney, and Natural Colored breeding stock, custom-processed freezer lamb, and 4-H project lambs.

Also provide white, dyed, and natural colored roving, and fleeces.

Photo: Left - Jamie Roe with her reserve champion Suffolk Ewe.  Right - Bailey Roe with her champion Romney Ewe.

Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Freezer Lambs
Club Lambs, Project Lambs
Romney, Suffolk
Fleeces, Hand Spun yarn, Roving
Cavey Family Sheep and Wool Co.
2640 Marston Road
New Windsor, MD
Liz & Gary Cavey

Home of Registered Montadale Sheep.

We offer Montadale breeding stock -- ram lambs, ewe lambs, and yearlings.

Farm tours.

Custom spun hand-dyed yarn; plus, hand-knit sweaters, hats, neck warmers, shawls, etc.

Farm Tours
Hand Spun yarn, Hand-Knit Sweaters, Neck Warmers, Shawls, Woolen Handknits
Chamelin Shearing Services
3230 Eckard Road
Westminster, MD
Emily Chamelin

Emily is a full-time Professional sheep shearer working in and around Frederick, Carroll, Howard and Baltimore Counties, the eastern shore, throughout Maryland, and surrounding states.  Care is taken to provide a quality wool clip as well as provide a good shearing experience for all.

Emily is experienced and knowledgeable about show fleeces, and care is taken to provide every producer with a high quality product.  She participates in the ASI Wool Quality Program, and has worked and trained with some of the top shearers in the country.

Emily is trained to shear with both machines (she uses a Heiniger Drop Shaft) as well as shear with Hand Shears (Blade Shearing).  Hand shearing does not cost extra and, as a member of the USA Sheep Shearing Team in this area, she is always looking for opportunities to practice her blade shearing.

Feel free to call or e-mail at any time to schedule a shearing date (the earlier the better), or if you have any questions.  Please visit my website listed above, to read more about the services.

Has access to fleeces and can help refer spinners to breeders with fleeces if she does not have what you are looking for.  Emily also helps smaller producers find and lease rams for breeding.  Contact Emily for more information.

Emily is also the Manager of the Maryland Wool Pool.  Go to "Events" and scroll down to June 18th. -- Maryland Wool Pool.
Ram & Ewe Breeding Services, Sheep, Goat, & Alpaca Shearing Services
Border Leicester
Chestnut Creek Farm
3610 Baker Road
Westminster, MD
Jeff & Jan White

Chestnut Creek Farm was established in 2005 by Jeffrey and Jan White.  The 64-acre farm located in Carroll County is compromised of rolling forested hills, flat lowland meadows, fields in production, a fish pond, and several streams.  The majority of tillable acreage is kept in corn and soybeans using no-till farming.

The fields nearest the farmstead rotate between vegetables grown for the family and farmers market and legumes (to restore soil quality).  Blueberry bushes were planted in 2007 and came into production in 2010.

A small fruit  orchard comprised of apple, peach, pear and plum trees has been started.

We also raise some pastured turkeys that are available in November for Thanksgiving.

Raise Katahdin ewes, and Katahdin/Dorper crossbreds.

Photo:  An attentive Katahdin ewe with her triplet lambs.

Breeding stock is available.

We offer up to 40 CSA memberships.
CSA Memberships (Community Sustained Agriculture), Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Freezer Lambs, Vegetables
Dorper and White Dorper, Katahdin
Heritage Breed Turkeys
Fish Pond, Orchard
Cold Spring Farm
7353 Flowing Springs Road
Shenandoah Junction, Va
Bernadine & Harry Barr

We raise Border Leicester, Corriedale, and Romney Sheep.

Border Leicester, Corriedale, Romney
Conley Sheep Farm
22820 Peach Tree Road
Boyds, MD
Carol Conley

We raise Crossbred Ewes.

Have custom-processed freezer lamb, fleeces, and tanned sheepskin pelts.

Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Freezer Lambs, Tanned Sheepskin Pelts
Cranberry Creek Fibers
4521 Stack Road
Monroe, NC
Roger & Mary Bare

Cranberry Creek Fibers recently relocated from Carroll County, Maryland to carve out a small farm in North Carolina. We still maintain strong ties to the Maryland area.

Our farm is home to a dozen English Leicester Longwool sheep, both registered and cross-bred, some Mytonic fainting goats, free-range chickens, barn cats, two English Shepherds who love to herd the chickens, and a guard llama who's favored by everyone, but remains totally aloof.

Fleeces of the Leicester Longwool are white, curly locks, with staple length of 5" or more, sheared annually. This is not a fine wool - it's most suitable for outer wear, such as hats, bags, & shawls. It felts wonderfully for just about any felting project. As the sheep aren't covered, a minimal amount of vm may be expected. The longwool spews a high luster that gives jewel-tone hues when dyed.

The status of the English Leicester is noted as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy. Your purchase enables us to continue our efforts to save this important dual-purpose breed.

We have hand spun and mill spun yarns in natural and hand-dyed colors, core-spun yarn, roving, quilt batting in limited amounts, dryer balls, and raw fleece.

Handwoven products include core-spun wool rugs, cotlin (cotton/linen blend) tea towels inspired by age-old designs, and reed baskets woven with the needs of fiber artists in mind.

Leicester Longwool
Creamer Farm
100 Weller Circle, Apt 320
Westminster, MD
Sylvia Creamer Peterson

Lifetime FCSB Member.  Retired Shepherd - no sheep.  Sylvia and her late husband Pete Creamer have been an inspiration and were mentors to many new shepherds in the area.

Sylvia established the "Pete Creamer Memorial Shearing Scholarship Fund".

If you're interested in learning to shear and want to attend the Maryland Shearing School, contact Dawn Richardson, the FCSB Treasurer for information that will pay the registration fees for both the Beginner School and the Advanced Shearing School.

David Greene (Master Shepherd) operates the Shearing School.  Call David Greene at: 410-329-6241.  The two Shearing Schools are sponsored by the Maryland Sheep Breeders Association.

Cullenstone Farm
40 Berry's Ferry Road -- PO Box 81
White Post, VA
Seth & Sarah MacKay-Smith

We are a family-business farm located in Clarke County, Virginia, just seventy miles due west of Washington, DC in the northern Shenandoah Valley.

Our family has been farming in Virginia for generations, and we are working to continue that tradition and preserve our farmland.

We have 27 Horned Dorset, Coopworth, Tunis and crossbred ewes.
Breeding stock is available.

Sell custom-processed freezer lamb, chicken eggs and duck eggs.

Also provide horse pasture boarding in a safe, peaceful farm environment for your horse in Clarke County, Virginia.
Custom Processed Lamb Meat, Horse Pasture Boarding
Duck Eggs, Eggs, Freezer Lambs
Coopworth, Dorset, Tunis
Dinsmore Club Lambs
5842 Broad Run Road
Jefferson, MD
Robert Dinsmore

We have 50 Hampshire and Shropshire Ewes.  Can provide registered breeding stock.

4-H Project Lambs (Club lambs); custom-processed freezer lamb; and fleeces.  Also, Ram leasing.

Photo:  Robert Dinsmore (left), was the Sheep Judge at the Garrett County Fair.  Ethan Broadwater with his champion 4-H market lamb.

Robert Dinsmore is a certified sheep and goat judge, and judges many County Fairs, State Fairs, and National Shows.
Custom Processed Lamb Meat, Ram & Ewe Breeding Services, Ram Leasing
Freezer Lambs, Tanned Sheepskin Pelts
Club Lambs, Project Lambs
Hampshire, Shropshire