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Dreamland Farm – Jeff & Patty Hurwitz

Dreamland Farm – Jeff & Patty Hurwitz
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[caption id="attachment_1517" align="alignleft" width="262"] Border Leicester mom is being patient with her three hungry lambs[/caption]

35 Registered Border Leicester Ewes.

Our entire flock is registered;  the flock is OPP free;  and the flock is a Certified Scrapie Free flock.

We have:   Registered Border Leicester Ram breeding stock --- Registered Border Leicester Ewes (at this time we do not sell breeding stock) -- fleeces -- and woolen blankets.

Our woolen blankets are 100% Border Leicester wool from our flock, and are made at MacAusland's Woolen Mill, on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Photo:   Border Leicester mom is being patient with her three hungry lambs.

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