Dedicated to promoting sheep, goats, lambs, and sheep & goat related activities in Maryland

About the FCSB

Frederick County Sheep Breeders (FCSB) members come from many counties and a few members are from out-of-state.   Members provide fresh, quality, custom-processed lamb and goat;  fleeces, roving, yarn, wool hand-knit products;  plus breeding stock, 4-H project lambs and goats,  a variety of other livestock and products – and members are a resource to each other. The FCSB website is  listed “linked” to these websites.  Click on the “Links” tab, scroll down to “Advertising Resources”, and open these websites. Facebook Members have all sizes of flocks, knowledge, and experience — from a few sheep and goats to about 150 ewes and does — from just beginning to farm to  members with 25+ years experience.   Membership provides a way for a new shepherd to learn health care, the lambing and kidding process, ewe and doe  management, pasture development, feed rations, minerals and nutrition, producing high quality fleeces, and marketing techniques from others — and for all members to share their knowledge and experiences with each other. The FCSB provides Beginning and Advanced Shearing School scholarships.   The FCSB will pay the Shearing School registration cost through the Pete Creamer Memorial Shearing Scholarship Fund, established by Sylvia Creamer.  Contact Dawn Viands, FCSB, to apply.