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Letter from the President – 3-31-21

Frederick County Sheep Breeders

March 31, 2021

Letter from the President:

Happy Spring to all of you!  The bulbs are blooming and the lambs are sproinging.

I want to take this opportunity to catch you up on a few things the board has put together and a I have a few announcements about upcoming events.  Yes, for the first time, in what seems like a long time, there is light on the horizon when it comes to events out there in the world.

First, I have attached a Producer’s Agreement and Self Certification form.  This is an entirely voluntary program.  It was created in response to several requests for a way to highlight our locally raised and processed products.  “If” a producer decides this is something they would like to participate in, they simply sign this form, (electronic signatures are also accepted), and send/email it back.  In doing so, the producer then is sent a file that contains printable marketing materials.  There is a sample drawing of one of the tags attached as well.  The by-laws as well as the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare documents mentioned in the agreement have been added to the Frederick County Sheep Breeders website.  We hope some of you will find this program useful.

Second, this Saturday, April 3rd from 11-3 is the, (what we hope to be just the first of many), Shepherds Farm Market at the Great Frederick Fairgrounds.  This is a joint venture with the Maryland Sheep Breeders Association. Polly and I have worked hard putting this opportunity together.  Please come out to support your fellow shepherds and consider joining us next year!  Thank you to those that helped us and to all that signed up to participate.

Third, also this Saturday, one of our newer members, Bridget Brown and Tim Daly of Head Springs Fiber Mill will be at the market and I have attached a flyer from them as well.  You will be able to drop off fleeces and they can provide the transport to their mill.  What a generous offer!

Last, but not least, Sydell is NOT currently planning to deliver to our area.  Delivery in the past was done in conjunction with the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and they did provide this free delivery option last year despite the festival being virtual.  “IF” they get enough orders they are willing to again offer this no shipping cost method.  800-315-0433 is Sydell’s number just ask for Kyle to place your order and help us secure this benefit to all our members.

If any of you know of events or sales happening, please reach out to me as I am compiling a list.  This information may prove helpful to those purchasing or selling animals outside of our local area by providing some transport options.

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Patricia Sanville, President