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Shelly Geasler and Pete Roe awarded 2019 Shepherd of the Year

The award this year goes to an amazing couple who have gone above and beyond to promote sheep and all the wonderful attributes of the products they provide us with, from meat to wool. They raise both types of sheep. They have survived raising a few amazing children to adulthood and have taught them that hard work pays off in the showring and on the runway. They could have easily walked away from all of it – feeling victorious – with a smile on their face knowing they did a great job. They could have sailed off into the sunset of retirement and kicked back, but they didn’t.

What did this incredible couple do next? They made the decision when asked to do it all again. With another group of amazing girls who live in developments and would never have had the opportunity to learn all they have. They stepped back into the show ring, they gave their time and opened their home to these girls. They spent weekends sewing and sharing and perhaps most important – caring! They shared their passion and dedication to the industry.

When you watch this couple ringside – you realize how incredible they are – they are as nervous as when their own children were in the ring. They celebrate the victories yet they are humble. They celebrate competitors wins as well. It’s just who they are. They are “good people” who continue to mentor others – not because they want awards and recognition – it is because they truly love sharing what has brought them so many great times with their own children and they are willing to create those same types of memories for others.

Thank you Shelly Geasler and Pete Roe for sharing your lives with others and for representing the Frederick County Sheep Breeders in such a positive way. Thank you for being you. Congratulations on being the 2019 Shepherd of the Year.