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Dreamland Farm
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[caption id="attachment_1517" align="alignleft" width="262"] Border Leicester mom is being patient with her three hungry lambs[/caption]

35 Registered Border Leicester Ewes.

Our entire flock is registered;  the flock is OPP free;  and the flock is a Certified Scrapie Free flock.

We have:   Registered Border Leicester Ram breeding stock --- Registered Border Leicester Ewes (at this time we do not sell breeding stock) -- fleeces -- and woolen blankets.

Our woolen blankets are 100% Border Leicester wool from our flock, and are made at MacAusland's Woolen Mill, on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Photo:   Border Leicester mom is being patient with her three hungry lambs.

Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Freezer Lambs
4-H: Project Lambs
Sheep Breeds: Border Leicester
Fiber Products: Fleeces, Woolen Blankets
Dry Branch Hollow Farm
Address: 6105E Dickerson Road
Tuscarora, MD
Owner Name(s): Glenn & Cheryl Stunkel
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We are a small farm in Southern Frederick County, Maryland. We sell our hay, straw, fiber (angora) from the bunnies, goats and sheep and cattle.

We have Registered Dorset sheep and sell breeding stock and custom-processed freezer lambs as well.

We are opening a small fiber and gift shop also! Please visit our ever changing website and call to come see us!

Business Phone Number: 1-301-874-2146
Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Freezer Lambs, Hay & Straw (Square and Round bale)
Sheep Breeds: Dorset
Animals: Cattle, Meat Goats, Rabbits
England Acres
Address: 5620 Detrick Road
Mt. Airy, MD
Owner Name(s): Judy & Jeff England
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We offer the following:  custom-processed freezer lamb, fleeces, tanned sheepskin pelts, chickens, eggs, vegetables, honey, beef, hay and straw.

We have an On-Farm Market & Bakery -- providing our own vacuum-packed and labeled, pasture raised Black Angus beef by the cut, or halves or quarters.

Other products:  poultry, lamb, laying hens and eggs, seasonal fruits, vegetables and flowers.

We provide bottled dairy products from Trickling Springs Creamery, in Chambersburg, as well as numerous artisan cheeses, preserves, our own fresh bake goods and breads, local honey, beeswax products, prepared specialty items, and so much more.

If you need hay and straw - we have a variety of hays and straw.  Bales are the usual small square bales, plus large square bales 3'x3'x7', and round bales.  Call Jeff England for hay: 240-674-2030.

Sheep breeds:  Cheviot and Romney.

England Acres is a 1870’s working farm in Frederick County, Maryland.  The farm is registered in the Maryland Ag. Preservation program -- and has continually been farmed since the land was originally cleared in the 1800’s.

We are located conveniently to the Maryland four county area of Howard, Montgomery, Frederick, and Carroll counties, just north off Route 70 and east of Rte. 75.

We look forward to meeting you at our working farm and unique market!

Check out the England Acres website -- it has a YouTube video, plus Slide Shows.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 301-865-3146
Cell Phone: 240-674-2028
Flying Goat Farm
Address: 5241 Bartonsville Road
Frederick, MD
Owner Name(s): Bill & Lisa Check
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[caption id="attachment_2667" align="alignright" width="224"] Our new monitor style barn, with hay loft[/caption]

We raise Cormo sheep, Bluefaced Leicesters, and Angora goats.  Provide fleeces, roving and yarn.

Have two types of free-range chickens:  Rhode Island Red (brown eggs) and Araucanas (blue and green tinted eggs).  Eggs are available.

We are working towards becoming an Organically Certified farm.

Click on our website - we have a YouTube Video of the farm.   Learn how the farm got its name "Flying Goat Farm".   Watch time lapse video of our new barn being built.

We also grow pears, peaches, apples, various berries, cherries, and hazel nuts.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 1-443-538-8303
Products: Eggs
Sheep Breeds: Bluefaced Leicester, Cormo
Goats: Angora
Animals: Chicken
Fiber Products: Fleeces, Hand Spun yarn, Roving
Other: Certified Organic Farm, Fruit Tree Orchard
Fool’s Gold Farm
Address: 4099 Linthicum Road
Dayton, MD
Owner Name(s): Beth & Ken Cobleigh
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Purebred Texels for Sale.
3/4 Texels for Sale..
Have a total of 15 breeding ewes.
Breeding stock is available.
An excellent breed to own and raise!!
4-H Club (Project) Lambs.
Freezer Lambs for Sale.

Business Phone Number: 410-531-6210
Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Freezer Lambs
4-H: Club Lambs, Project Lambs
Sheep Breeds: Texel
Fox Hollow Farm
Address: 21808 Woodfield Road
Gaithersburg MD
Owner Name(s): Stephanie Rohrer-Scuderi
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Business Phone Number: 301-330-0165
Farm Services: Custom Processed Goat Meat, Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Eggs, Goat Cheese, Lamb Meat sold by Individual Cuts, Vegetables
Sheep Breeds: Suffolk
Goats: Boer
Animals: Chicken, Meat Goats, Pigs, Turkeys
Other: On-Farm Market and Bakery
Foxdale Springs Farm
Address: 12119 Renner Road
Keymar, MD
Owner Name(s): Kenneth Farrell & Janette Rickinson
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We raise Tunis Sheep, plus Chinese White Geese.

Our products include:  custom processed freezer lamb, lovely Tunis fleeces, hand-spun 2-ply yarn, and tanned sheepskins.

Business Phone Number: 301-304-0272
Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Freezer Lambs, Tanned Sheepskin Pelts
Sheep Breeds: Tunis
Animals: Chinese White Geese
Fiber Products: Hand Spun yarn
Frey Sheep Farm
Address: Hagerstown, MD
Owner Name(s): Joe & Debbie Frey
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We raise very good 4-H Project Lambs and breeding stock.

Also have custom processed lamb (freezer lamb).

Business Phone Number: 301-791-5572
Cell Phone: 301-991-5826
Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Freezer Lambs
4-H: Project Lambs
Good Hope Farmstead
Address: 10820 Renner Road
Woodsboro, MD
Owner Name(s): Buddy & Margie Kreitzer
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We Offer:

Grass-Finished Lamb and Mutton by the whole, half, or individual cut  (call or email to discuss custom orders).
Grass-Fed Beef
Pastured Poultry (Chickens & Turkeys)
Pastured Eggs

Good Hope Farmstead is a family farm located in Woodsboro, Maryland.

We raise Katahdin sheep, Hereford cattle, broiler chickens, and turkeys (seasonally).

All livestock is pasture raised.

Each season we have a limited number of whole and half lambs for purchase -- so make sure to place your orders early.

Occasionally, we have sheep and cattle seedstock.   Please contact us for availability.

Orders can be picked up at the farm by appointment, or at the Bowie Farmers Market.

We attend the Bowie Farmers Market, in Bowie, MD every Sunday from 8 am to 12 pm (May to November).   We bring a variety of our cuts (beef, lamb, poultry) to the market each week.

Visit our website: --  for a list of available cuts, pricing, recipes, photos. and more.

Join for farm family on Facebook & Instragram.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 1-301-237-8378
Cell Phone: 1-301-325-0533
Farm Services: Custom Processed Beef, Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Eggs, Freezer Lambs
4-H: Project Steers
Sheep Breeds: Katahdin
Bees: Beehives, Honey
Animals: Cattle, Heritage Breed Turkeys, Turkeys
Greenbrier Acres
Address: 8608 Hunters Drive
Frederick, MD
Owner Name(s): David & Christy Fuss
Long Business Description:

Greenbrier Acres is the 4-H/FFA project of Kaitlyn and Ashley Fuss.  Together they raise purbred Suffolks and Shropshire breeding sheep.

The flock currently consist of 20 brood ewes and 10 yearlings -- plus 4-H club lambs.

Also provide high quality custom-processed freezer lamb.

Business Phone Number: 301-898-0039
Cell Phone: 301-639-3842
Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Freezer Lambs
4-H: Project Lambs
Sheep Breeds: Shropshire, Suffolk