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JJ Farm
Address: 9004 Devilbiss Bridge Road
Walkersville, MD
Owner Name(s): Joany Jackman
Long Business Description:

No sheep as of yet.

Business Phone Number: 301-845-8917
Julie’s Handspun Yarns
Address: 5439 Shookstown Road
Frederick, MD
Owner Name(s): Julia George
Long Business Description:

I produce raw angora, blended angora for handspinning or felting, handspun yarn, designer dyed fiber and yarns, offer spinning and soon - weaving lessons too,

I have worked with Mt Vernon and sold their Hog Island fleeces for years and I have sheared (shorn?) sheep and have taken courses on sheep handling, administration of wormer and medicines.
Fiber tools made from stoneware.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 703-201-2924
Animals: Rabbits
Fiber Products: Hand Spun yarn, Handknits, Roving, Wool Products, Woolen Blankets
Kathi Kopacz
Address: 6135 Baldridge Terrace
Frederick, MD
Owner Name(s): Kathi L. Kopacz
Business Genre:
Long Business Description:

New shepherd. Researching various sheep breeds.

Business Phone Number: 301-704-3546
Mary’s Delight Farm
Address: 17429 Harbaugh Valley Rd. -- PO Box 114
Savillasville, MD
Owner Name(s): Leonora "Lee" Bernheisel & Rich Wetzel, Farm Manager
Long Business Description:

70 ewes.  Border Leicester, Coopworth, Corriedale, Dorset, and Scottish Blackface.  Breeding Stock, Crossbred ewes, and Freezer lamb.

Maryland Dept. of Agriculture -- Certified Organic Farm.

Have an extensive wool product line:  various types of Yarn; Blankets; Roving; Sheepskins; Fleeces; Sweaters; Baby Booties; Gloves, and Hats.

Also have patterns for sweaters, vests, hats, socks;  plus, unique buttons.

We have Open Houses at the Farm.

Check out the website for our full line of products.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 301-241-4424
Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Freezer Lambs, Tanned Sheepskin Pelts
Fiber Products: Fleeces, Hand Spun yarn, Hand-Knit Sweaters, Handknits, Roving, Shawls, Woolen Blankets, Woolen Handknits, Woolen Hats
Other: Certified Organic Farm
Mountain Creek Family Farm
Address: S Clifton Rd
Owner Name(s): Sam & Megan Cronkite
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: A 4H driven farmette with poultry, dairy goats and a rabbitry. Also offer greenhouse services.
Business Phone Number: 240-490-7203
Cell Phone: 240-385-2271
Products: Eggs, Flowers, Heirloom Vegetables, Vegetables
4-H: Project Goats
Goats: Nigerian Dwarf Dairy, Pygmy
Animals: Chicken, Dairy Goats, Rabbits, Turkeys
Patrick Preston
Address: 12401 Brickyard Blvd, Apt 8
Beltsville, MD
Owner Name(s): Patrick Preston
Long Business Description:

I am an inspiring Veteran Farmer, looking to start a farm in MD. I attended the Veteran Farming Program in Alexandria, VA. I am a US Army Veteran.

Pleasant Grove Farm
Address: 10345 Fountain School Road
Union Bridge
Owner Name(s): Mary Ann & Jim Peterson
Long Business Description:

We raise Leicester Longwool Ewes and have a Ram.  The flock's lineage is from the Williamsburg flock and from Tasmania.

Available:  Ewe and lamb Breeding Stock; custom-processed freezer lamb; fleeces; and roving.

Leicester Longwool sheep are listed as a Rare Breed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy - and produce a fleece prized by handspinners and doll makers because of its curly, soft, lustrous beauty.  The breed was developed by Robert Blakewell in the early 1700's.

Pleasant Grove Farm dates back to 1787.  Their red barn is a unique 3-level bank barn, which was part of the 2009 Frederick County Barnstormers Tour.

Mary Ann and Jim are hosting the 2014 Frederick County Sheep Breeders summer picnic on Sunday, June 8, 2014.

The Peterson's do not have a website.

Business Phone Number: 410-775-7753
Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Freezer Lambs
4-H: Project Lambs
Fiber Products: Fleeces, Mill Spun Yarn, Roving
Sheepman Supply
Address: 8102 Liberty Road (MD Rte. 26)
Frederick, MD
Owner Name(s): Bob & Charlotte Dinsmore
Long Business Description:

Sheepman Supply has a wide variety of health care, show and handling supplies, livestock equipment, sheep and goat minerals & additives, books, videos, etc.  Check out the extensive on-line catalog.

Questions - call Kathy Gordon, or other staff at the store for assistance. 301-662-4197 --- or, 1-800-331-9122.

Mark your calendar:  the 2015 Open House, Saturday, February 14, 2015, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.  See details in this website's "Events" section.

Complimentary sausage and pancake breakfast served from 8:30 am to noon.

Sheepman Supply is at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, Maryland State Fair, various County Fairs, and other shows.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 301-662-4197
Cell Phone: 301-662-0361
Farm Services: Sheep, Goat, & Alpaca Shearing Services
Products: Sheep & Goat Supplies and Equipment
Singleton Fiber Processing Mill
Address: 25A Maple Avenue
Walkersville, MD
Owner Name(s): Dwayne and Mary Singleton
Long Business Description:

Maryland's only commercial, full-time fiber mill, located in Frederick, Maryland.  No minimum runs.  Discount for orders over 20 lbs.

Services include: Skirting (prefer customers skirt their own fleeces and remove as much dark fiber, tags, "stuff" as possible), Washing (Scouring), washed fleeces placed on Drying Racks, then to the Picker, fiber is blown into the pressurized Picker Room to be conditioned and moisturized, Picked Locks, then to the Carding Machine.

Final product is a high quality, light, fluffy roving - ready to be spun into yarn.  Can produce a wide variety of rovings, plus yarn and rug yarn.  Recently added dyeing services and rug weaving.

IMPORTANT: best if raw fleeces are clean, no vegetable matter, and no dark fibers - in order to get a high quality, properly finished roving.  Able to do small runs of yarn.

Hosts school groups, 4-H groups, and Fiber Guilds.  Go to our website and click on the Singleton Fiber photos to get a visual understanding of the process.

A Fiber Processing Order Form is on-line.  Phone number: 301-360-0520.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 301-360-0520
Fiber Products: Hand Spun yarn, Machine Spun Yarn, Mill Spun Yarn, Roving, Rug Roving, Rug Yarn, Wool Dyeing Services
Other: On-Farm Wool, Yarn, and Handknits Shop
Stillpoint Farm
Address: 8253 Dollyhyde Road
Mt. Airy, MD
Owner Name(s): Carol McConaughy & Tom Barse
Long Business Description:

Leicester Longwool Sheep - excellent fleeces.

We also raise organic Hops; have Honey and Beeswax products; and developed our Milkhouse Brewery - a small brewery on the farm.

We also provide Horse boarding - specializing in retired horses. And we work with youngsters who have horses.

Stillpoint Farm hosted the 2013 FCSB Annual Picnic -- and graciously offered to again host the 2017 FCSB Annual Picnic .

Farm is southeast of Libertytown on Dollyhyde Road. Map is on the Stillpoint Farm website.  Click "Contact Us".

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 301-829-6950
Cell Phone: 301-928-1574
Farm Services: Horse Boarding, Horse Pasture Boarding, Horsemanship Instructions
Products: Organic Hops
Bees: Beehives, Beewax Products, Honey
Fiber Products: Covered Fleeces, Fleeces, Roving