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Conley Sheep Farm
Address: 22820 Peach Tree Road
Boyds, MD
Owner Name(s): Carol Conley
Business Genre:
Long Business Description:

We raise Crossbred Ewes.

Have custom-processed freezer lamb, fleeces, and tanned sheepskin pelts.

Business Phone Number: 301-515-1889
Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Freezer Lambs, Tanned Sheepskin Pelts
Fiber Products: Fleeces
Star Gazing Farm Animal Sanctuary & Shearing Services
Address: 16760 White Store Road
Boyds, MD
Owner Name(s): Anne Shroeder
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About the farm
Star Gazing Farm is a small farm animal sanctuary that provides safe haven for abused, stray, and neglected farm animals.  We have a strong educational work-based program for young people and work with many pre-veterinary students.

The farm also helps facilitate farm animal adoptions through our farmers' online rescue network that coordinates with with multiple animal control agencies, small farms and other animal sanctuaries to help find safe and loving homes.

Star Gazing Farm is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  Contributions are tax deductible.

Star Gazing Farm participates in the Montgomery County Annual Farm Tour the last weekend in July.
Services offered

Sheep, alpaca, goat, and llama shearing
"Bunny motel" - indoor boarding for rabbits

The farm is open every Saturday between 10 and 2 for visits to meet the animals and gift shop.  We do appreciate a call ahead of time if you plan to come.  (Please leave your pets at home).

Hand-dyed and hand-woven rugs
Composted manure for gardeners

Volunteer Opportunities

On-farm volunteer opportunities include SSL hours for Montgomery County school children
Farm animal care
Farm Internships - variety of learning experiences
Digital media

Shroeder Shearing offers kinder, gentler shearimg & care for alpacas, llamas, sheep, lambs and goats.  Hoof trimming, tooth trimming for camelids, help with deworming, and shots are also available.  ASI certified shearer, professionally trained alpaca shearer, available in all mid-Atlantic states.
Fiber animals on farm
Multiple sheep breeds, alpacas, angora goat, llamas.
Star Gazing Farm web site

Shearing web site

Facebook page



Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 301-349-0802
Cell Phone: 301-755-8400
Farm Services: Farm Tours, Sheep, Goat, & Alpaca Shearing Services
Sheep Breeds: Finnsheep, Jacob, Rambouillet, Romanov, Romney, Shropshire
Goats: Angora
Animals: Alpacas
Fiber Products: Fleeces, Hand Spun yarn, Hand-Woven Rugs, Roving
Other: Farm Internships
Jehovah-Jireh Farm
Address: 7033 Ed Sears Road
Dickerson, MD
Owner Name(s): Myron, Nathan & Cathy Horst
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Long Business Description:

We are a family-operated farm, located in southern Frederick County, Maryland.

Photo:  Myron & Cathy Horst (middle), and our six children from the left:  Joel, Nathan, Melody, Daniel, Kara and Luke Horst.

We provide quality, pasture raised meat and eggs at an affordable price.

Our sheep and lambs -- we have 50 ewes and raise purebred Texel sheep, commercial Dorset sheep, and Dorset/Texel Crossbred sheep.

Our farm products include:

.  Texel & Dorset sheep breeding stock and fleeces.

.  100% pasture raised and pasture finished, custom-processed lamb (also called freezer lamb).

.  Pasture raised and organically fed free-range chickens, turkeys and free-range eggs.   Go to our website for processing dates.

.  Raw honey

.  Now available:  frozen chicken and turkey

.  New Item:  Stewing Hens

.  Natural Dog Food

Enjoy our website -- our history, fixing up the farm, farming philosphy, and photo album.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 301-874-6181
Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Eggs, Freezer Lambs
Sheep Breeds: Dorset, Texel
Bees: Honey
Animals: Turkeys
Fiber Products: Fleeces
Shepherd’s Hey Farm
Address: 24020 Old Hundred Road (Rte. 109)
Comus, MD
Owner Name(s): Lee Langstaff
Long Business Description:

Farm is located in the "foothills" of Sugarloaf Mountain.  30 breeding ewes - primarily a handspinners flock.   Specialize in natural colored long wool, with a few white ewes, most are crossbred.   Breeds are Romney, Border Leicester, Corriedale, some Lincoln.

Lately have brought in some Romeldale and Wensleydale influence to incorporate Moorit colors into our flock.

Have won Best Maryland Fleece at the MS&WF in 2006 and 2010 (Fleece Show and Sale).   The Fleece Show at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, held every year the first full weekend in May.

We sell breeding stock, custom-butchered lamb, sheepskins, roving, as well as raw fleeces.

In addition to laying hens, and peafowl (peacocks and peahens);  we raise many varieties of heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables.

Photo:   Barn lovers will like the nicely done restored bank barn.

Business Phone Number: 301-908-9332
Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Eggs, Freezer Lambs, Heirloom Vegetables, Tanned Sheepskin Pelts
Sheep Breeds: Border Leicester, Corriedale, Lincoln, Romney
Animals: Chicken, Peafowl (Peacocks and Peahens)
Fiber Products: Fleeces, Roving
Vista View Farm
Address: 28301 Clarksburg Road
Damascus, MD
Owner Name(s): Andrew & Marla Keller
Long Business Description:

We raise Commercial Bluefaced Leicesters and Commercial Dorset Crossbred Sheep. Currently have 80 breeding ewes.

Items we offer:

. Custom-Process Freezer lamb

. 4-H Project Lambs (4-H Club lambs)

. Roving - Bluefaced Leicester

. Fleeces

. Honey

. Vegetables

. Vegetable Plants

. Flowers

. Hay & Straw

. Freezer Beef

Business Phone Number: 301-414-2382
Cell Phone: 301-676-6287
Farm Services: Custom Processed Beef, Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Flowers, Freezer Lambs, Hay & Straw (Square and Round bale), Vegetables
4-H: Club Lambs, Project Lambs
Sheep Breeds: Bluefaced Leicester, Dorset
Bees: Honey
Fiber Products: Fleeces, Roving
Fox Hollow Farm
Address: 21808 Woodfield Road
Gaithersburg MD
Owner Name(s): Stephanie Rohrer-Scuderi
Long Business Description:
Business Phone Number: 301-330-0165
Farm Services: Custom Processed Goat Meat, Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Eggs, Goat Cheese, Lamb Meat sold by Individual Cuts, Vegetables
Sheep Breeds: Suffolk
Goats: Boer
Animals: Chicken, Meat Goats, Pigs, Turkeys
Other: On-Farm Market and Bakery
Honeysuckle Farm
Address: 1600 Ednor Road
Silver Spring, MD
Owner Name(s): John & Mary O'Malley
Long Business Description:

12 Registered and commercial Finn Ewes.

Finn Sheep breeding stock is available.

Custom-processed freezer lamb.

Finn Sheep Roving

[caption id="attachment_2710" align="alignnone" width="300"] Finn Ewe on pasture with her lambs[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2712" align="alignnone" width="300"] Finn Ewe with her 5 lambs[/caption]

Business Phone Number: 301-421-9520
Cell Phone: 240-462-3620
Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Freezer Lambs
Sheep Breeds: Finnsheep
Fiber Products: Roving
Fool’s Gold Farm
Address: 4099 Linthicum Road
Dayton, MD
Owner Name(s): Beth & Ken Cobleigh
Business Genre:
Long Business Description:

Purebred Texels for Sale.
3/4 Texels for Sale..
Have a total of 15 breeding ewes.
Breeding stock is available.
An excellent breed to own and raise!!
4-H Club (Project) Lambs.
Freezer Lambs for Sale.

Business Phone Number: 410-531-6210
Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Freezer Lambs
4-H: Club Lambs, Project Lambs
Sheep Breeds: Texel
Sweetwater Farm
Address: 3100 Falls Road
Hampstead, MD
Owner Name(s): Robert Smyth & Mary Pat (Cassie)
Long Business Description:

Babydoll Southdowns, or their more formal name Olde English Southdown sheep have been a wonderful addition to our family farm, and can be a wonderful addition to your family - giving you years of pleasure.

Our Babydoll's are natural colored Black sheep that range from light to dark, rich looking natural brown fibers.  We're starting to breed for white and spotted Babydoll's as well.  Sheep are registered with the original "Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep Registry", started by Mr. Robert Mock in 1990.

Our blood lines produce Babydoll's with good dispositions, conformation, health history, fiber quality, and rich colors representing the best in breed qualities the Babydoll Southdowns are so well known for.  We only sell our lambs as pets -- or to others who would like to become breeders.

Breeding stock is available, and also fleeces.

What sets us apart from other Babydoll breeders is our "after the sale" support we continue to provide to all of our customers anytime they need us.  After you bring your new Babydoll lambs home, we are just a phone call away.  We are now accepting deposits for the upcoming lambing season.

Please give us a call and we can discuss questions you may have about Babydoll Southdown Sheep or lambs.  Robert Smyth is also the FCSB Yahoo Chat Group Moderator.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 410-456-1290
Cell Phone: 410-374-0232
Sheep Breeds: Babydoll Southdown
Fiber Products: Fleeces
Stonewall Lincolns
Address: 4229 Herrera Court
Randallstown, MD
Owner Name(s): Keegan Dayton
Business Genre:
Business Phone Number: 443-632-6480
Sheep Breeds: Black Welsh Mountain, Lincoln
Fiber Products: Fleeces, Machine Spun Yarn