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Barranco Farm
Address: 604 Amoss Road
Severna Park, MD
Owner Name(s): Lindsay Barranco
Business Genre:
Long Business Description:

No sheep or goats yet.

I raise Americana, Barred Plymouth Rock, Buff Orpington, and Rhode Island Red chickens.

Have  farm-fresh eggs for your special omelets and those "to die for" cakes and pies.

Also have bee hives -- and sell pure honey from my Apiary -- in 16 oz. jars, 9 oz. jars and 6 oz. jars.

Have a cold?  My honey and Jack Daniels will do wonders for your cold.

Call to arrange for some eggs and honey.

Business Phone Number: 410-544-5349
Products: Eggs
Bees: Beehives, Honey
Animals: Chicken
Basking Meadow Farm
Address: Woodbine, MD
Owner Name(s): Jennifer Smith
Business Genre:
Cell Phone: 571-283-4302
Black Sheep Farm
Address: 14605 Chapel Lane
Leesburg, VA
Owner Name(s): Martha Polkey
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Long Business Description:

30 Registered White Merino Ewes, and Registered Natural Colored Merino Ewes.

We provide  the following:

Merino breeding stock -- lambs and yearlings for both show and production.
Specialize in fall-born Merino lambs.
Covered fleeces for spinning and felting in many colors.
Micron-tested fleeces.
Tanned Sheepskin Pelts.
Custom-Processed Freezer Lamb.
4-H Club (Project) Lambs.
Felted Items.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 703-777-7640
Cell Phone: 703-727-5604
Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Freezer Lambs, Tanned Sheepskin Pelts
4-H: Club Lambs, Project Lambs
Fiber Products: Covered Fleeces, Felted Items, Fleeces, Micron Tested Fleeces, Roving
Bridgestone Manor Farm
Address: 400 Bridgestone Drive
Eldersburg, MD
Owner Name(s): Don & Pam Adams
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Long Business Description:

We raise and provide the following:

Red Angus-Limousine Crossbred Cattle, calves, and steers -- an excellent crossbred combination, that provides good growth, with the needed marbling.

We can provide custom processed halves and quarters -- cut and packaged anyway you want.   Call to discuss.

Boer Goats.  We have Boer Goat breeding stock (21 does and 4 bucks), 4-H Project Goats, and can assist with buck leasing.

We also raise Pygmy Goats.

Contact us to arrange for custom processed goat meat.

Farm Internships.

Custom made wool Afghans.

Check out our website for photos of our goats, cattle, barns, pens, etc.

Pam Adams is the President of the PA-MD-WV Meat Goat Association.

The Meat Goat Association's website:

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 410-549-2539
Cell Phone: 443-802-3734
Farm Services: Buck Goat Leasing, Custom Processed Goat Meat
4-H: Project Goats
Goats: Boer, Pygmy
Animals: Cattle
Fiber Products: Custom Made Wool Afghans
Other: Farm Internships
Conley Sheep Farm
Address: 22820 Peach Tree Road
Boyds, MD
Owner Name(s): Carol Conley
Business Genre:
Long Business Description:

We raise Crossbred Ewes.

Have custom-processed freezer lamb, fleeces, and tanned sheepskin pelts.

Business Phone Number: 301-515-1889
Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Freezer Lambs, Tanned Sheepskin Pelts
Fiber Products: Fleeces
Hand-spun in natural colors
Address: 4521 Stack Road
Monroe, NC
Owner Name(s): Roger & Mary Bare
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Long Business Description:

A few years back, Cranberry Creek Fibers relocated from Carroll County, Maryland, to carve out a small farm in North Carolina. We still maintain strong ties to the Maryland area.

Though we recently dispersed the flock, we have limited amounts of Leicester Longwool fleeces, which consist of curly locks with a staple length of 5" or more. This longwool spews a high luster that gives jewel-tone hues when dyed.

Finished fibers include hand-spun and mill-spun yarns in natural and hand-dyed colors, core-spun yarn, roving, quilt batting in limited amounts, core-spun wool rugs, and dryer balls.

Woven here at our homestead, we also offer cotton & organic cotlin (cotton/linen blend) tea towels inspired by age-old designs, and reed baskets handmade with the needs of fiber artists in mind.

Instagram: cranberry_creek_fibers

Short Business Description: Fibers of rare breed sheep, handwovens, basketry
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Cell Phone:
Creamer Farm
Address: 100 Weller Circle, Apt 320
Westminster, MD
Owner Name(s): Sylvia Creamer Peterson
Business Genre:
Long Business Description:

Lifetime FCSB Member.  Retired Shepherd - no sheep.  Sylvia and her late husband Pete Creamer have been an inspiration and were mentors to many new shepherds in the area.

Sylvia established the "Pete Creamer Memorial Shearing Scholarship Fund".

If you're interested in learning to shear and want to attend the Maryland Shearing School, contact Dawn Richardson, the FCSB Treasurer for information that will pay the registration fees for both the Beginner School and the Advanced Shearing School.

David Greene (Master Shepherd) operates the Shearing School.  Call David Greene at: 410-329-6241.  The two Shearing Schools are sponsored by the Maryland Sheep Breeders Association.

Business Phone Number: 410-854-0179
England Acres
Address: 5620 Detrick Road
Mt. Airy, MD
Owner Name(s): Judy & Jeff England
Business Genre:
Long Business Description:

We offer the following:  custom-processed freezer lamb, fleeces, tanned sheepskin pelts, chickens, eggs, vegetables, honey, beef, hay and straw.

We have an On-Farm Market & Bakery -- providing our own vacuum-packed and labeled, pasture raised Black Angus beef by the cut, or halves or quarters.

Other products:  poultry, lamb, laying hens and eggs, seasonal fruits, vegetables and flowers.

We provide bottled dairy products from Trickling Springs Creamery, in Chambersburg, as well as numerous artisan cheeses, preserves, our own fresh bake goods and breads, local honey, beeswax products, prepared specialty items, and so much more.

If you need hay and straw - we have a variety of hays and straw.  Bales are the usual small square bales, plus large square bales 3'x3'x7', and round bales.  Call Jeff England for hay: 240-674-2030.

Sheep breeds:  Cheviot and Romney.

England Acres is a 1870’s working farm in Frederick County, Maryland.  The farm is registered in the Maryland Ag. Preservation program -- and has continually been farmed since the land was originally cleared in the 1800’s.

We are located conveniently to the Maryland four county area of Howard, Montgomery, Frederick, and Carroll counties, just north off Route 70 and east of Rte. 75.

We look forward to meeting you at our working farm and unique market!

Check out the England Acres website -- it has a YouTube video, plus Slide Shows.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 301-865-3146
Cell Phone: 240-674-2028
Harley Farm
Address: 6201 Harley Road
Middletown, MD
Owner Name(s): Elaine & Peter Murray
Business Genre:
Long Business Description:

Cashmere Goats, and natural Cashmere Yarn.

Crabbet Arabian Horses, horse pasture boarding, and riding lessons.  Foals are available.

A Koi Fish Pond.

Check out our website for more information.

Hosted the 2011 FCSB Annual Picnic on a Sunday in June, 2011.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 301-371-6201
Cell Phone: 240-367-4932
Farm Services: Farm Welding Services, Horse Pasture Boarding, Horsemanship Instructions
Goats: Cashmere
Animals: Crabbet Arabian Horses, Meat Goats
Fiber Products: Hand Spun yarn
Other: Fish Pond
Hill Farm
Address: 935 Bloom Road
Westminster, MD
Owner Name(s): Gwen Handler and Larry Fisher
Business Genre:
Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 4108574307
Cell Phone: 4105966096
Farm Services: Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Products: Tanned Sheepskin Pelts
Fiber Products: Fleeces, Machine Spun Yarn, Woolen Handknits