Mary’s Delight Farm

Mary’s Delight Farm
Mary’s Delight Farm
Leonora “Lee” Bernheisel & Rich Wetzel, Farm Manager

70 ewes.  Border Leicester, Coopworth, Corriedale, Dorset, and Scottish Blackface.  Breeding Stock, Crossbred ewes, and Freezer lamb.

Maryland Dept. of Agriculture — Certified Organic Farm.

Have an extensive wool product line:  various types of Yarn; Blankets; Roving; Sheepskins; Fleeces; Sweaters; Baby Booties; Gloves, and Hats.

Also have patterns for sweaters, vests, hats, socks;  plus, unique buttons.

We have Open Houses at the Farm.

Check out the website for our full line of products.
17429 Harbaugh Valley Rd. — PO Box 114
Savillasville, MD
Custom Processed Lamb Meat
Freezer Lambs, Tanned Sheepskin Pelts
Fleeces, Hand Spun yarn, Hand-Knit Sweaters, Handknits, Roving, Shawls, Woolen Blankets, Woolen Handknits, Woolen Hats
Certified Organic Farm
  • Mary’s Delight Farm

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Mary’s Delight Farm