Dedicated to promoting sheep, goats, lambs, and sheep & goat related activities in Maryland

FCSB Promotes:

The FCSB Promotes:

Maryland sheep and goat producers, lamb and goat kid producers, sheep breeders, sheep farms, club lambs, and market lamb producers in Anne Arundel, Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery, and Washington Counties, Maryland.

Wool producers of high quality fleeces, covered fleeces, wool, roving, handspun yarn, blended yarn, custom handknits, wool blankets, and woolen clothing products in Maryland.

Maryland custom processed local lamb and goat.

Halal custom processed local lamb and goat.

Grass-fed local Maryland lamb, pasture raised Maryland lamb, and grain-fed Maryland lamb.  USDA Inspected lamb.  Some sheep and lambs raised on certified organic farms.

Supports 4-H sheep projects, 4-H project lambs, and young shepherds’ 4-H project activities.

Improved registered sheep breeding stock, and commercial sheep breeding stock, market lambs, the fiber industry, and the wool industry in Maryland.

Farm visits, farm tours, farm sitting services.

Is a resource and provides a support base for members, and to educate the public.