Singleton Fiber Processing Mill
Singleton, Dwayne and Mary
25A Maple Avenue
Walkersville, MD 21793
Phone: work 301-360-0520

SingletonmillMaryland’s only commercial, full-time fiber mill, located in Frederick, Maryland.  No minimum runs.  Discount for orders over 20 lbs.

Services include: Skirting (prefer customers skirt their own fleeces and remove as much dark fiber, tags, “stuff” as possible), Washing (Scouring), washed fleeces placed on Drying Racks, then to the Picker, fiber is blown into the pressurized Picker Room to be conditioned and moisturized, Picked Locks, then to the Carding Machine.

Final product is a high quality, light, fluffy roving – ready to be spun into yarn.  Can produce a wide variety of rovings, plus yarn and rug yarn.  Recently added dyeing services and rug weaving.

IMPORTANT: best if raw fleeces are clean, no vegetable matter, and no dark fibers – in order to get a high quality, properly finished roving.  Able to do small runs of yarn.

Hosts school groups, 4-H groups, and Fiber Guilds.  Go to our website and click on the Singleton Fiber photos to get a visual understanding of the process.

A Fiber Processing Order Form is on-line.  Phone number: 301-360-0520.