Pleasant Valley Shetlands and Shearing Services

Reuter, Leanne & Marc Leone
3150 Kaetzel Road
Rohrersville, MD 21779
Phone: home: 301-432-0570 --- Leanne's cell: 240-888-1765

pleasant-valley-shetlands-and-shearingShetland Ewes, Merino Ewes.  Ram and Ewe Breeding stock (not registered).

Award-winning Shetland fleeces; raw and processed Shetland wool; roving; yarn; and woolen socks.

Shetland Ram available to lease.

Leanne provides sheep, lamb and goat shearing services for small flocks of sheep and goats in Maryland, northern Virginia, southern PA, and the eastern panhandle of West Virginia — and is available to shear on weekends.

Leanne’s cell phone: 1-240-888-1765

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