Pleasant Grove Farm

Peterson, Mary Ann & Jim
10345 Fountain School Road
Union Bridge, MD 21791-7912
Phone: 410-775-7753

pleasant-grove-farmWe raise Leicester Longwool Ewes and have a Ram.  The flock’s lineage is from the Williamsburg flock and from Tasmania.

Available:  Ewe and lamb Breeding Stock; custom-processed freezer lamb; fleeces; and roving.

Leicester Longwool sheep are listed as a Rare Breed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy – and produce a fleece prized by handspinners and doll makers because of its curly, soft, lustrous beauty.  The breed was developed by Robert Blakewell in the early 1700’s.

Pleasant Grove Farm dates back to 1787.  Their red barn is a unique 3-level bank barn, which was part of the 2009 Frederick County Barnstormers Tour.

Mary Ann and Jim are hosting the 2014 Frederick County Sheep Breeders summer picnic on Sunday, June 8, 2014.

The Peterson’s do not have a website.