Other Farm Products

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.  List of livestock  (sheep, goats, chickens, eggs, geese, turkeys, cattle, etc.);

.  All types of woolen products  (fleeces, roving, yarn, woolen products, hand-knits, woolen blankets, woolen afghans,  tanned sheepskins, etc.);

.  Vegetables, fruits, trees, CSA memberships, and various farm services are listed.

FCSB Members:   when you have a product or service to add to your farm listing in the “Meet Our Members” tab — it will also be added on this tab “Other Farm Products”.

4-H Project Goats

4-H Project Lambs  (also called 4-H Club Lambs)

4-H Project Steers


American Alpine Dairy Goats

Americana Chickens

Angora Goats

Araucanas Chickens (tinted colored eggs)


Baby Doll Southdown Sheep

Barbados Blackbelly Hair Sheep

Barn Owls

Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens

Bee Hives

Bee Hive Colonies

Beeswax Products

Black Angus Cattle & Steers

Black Angus-Hereford Crossbred Cattle & Steers

Black Angus-Limousine Crossbred Cattle & Steers

Blue & Black Orpington Chickens

Bluefaced Leicester Sheep

Boer Goats

Border Leicester Sheep

Bottle Babies

Brown Eggs

Buck Goat Leasing

Buff Orpington Chickens

Bunny Motel – indoor boarding for rabbits

California Red Sheep

Cashmere Goats

Certified Organic Farm

Cheviot Sheep


Chinese White Geese

Christmas Trees

Clun Forest Sheep

Commercial Sheep  (either sheep are not registered, or are crossbred sheep)

Coopworth Sheep

Cormo Sheep

Corriedale Sheep

Covered Fleeces

Crabbet Arabian Horses

Crossbred Beef Cattle & Steers

Crossbred Sheep

CSA Memberships  (Community Sustained Agriculture)

Custom Made Wool Afghans

Custom Processed Beef

Custom Processed Goat Meat

Custom Processed Lamb Meat

Custom Wool Work – spinning yarn, knitting projects

Dairy Goat Breeding Services

Dairy Goats

Dorper Sheep

Dorset Sheep

Duck Eggs



Ewe Breeding Services

Fall Born Lambs

Farm Internships – variety of learning opportunities

Farm Sitting Services

Farm Tours

Farm Tractor Repairs

Farm Welding Sevices

Felted Items

Finn Sheep

Fish Pond



Free Range Chickens (also called pastured poultry)

Free Range Eggs

Freezer Lamb (also called custom processed lamb meat)

Fruit Tree Orchard

Goat Breeding Stock

Gotland Sheep

Guard Dogs for the Sheep (various breeds)

    Halal Custom Processed Lamb & Goat Meat

    Hampshire Sheep


    Hand-Knit Hats

    Hand-Knit Sweaters

    Hand Spun Yarn

    Hand-Woven Rugs

    Hay & Straw (both square & round bales)

    Heirloom Vegetables


    Hereford Cattle & Steers

    Heritage Breed Chickens

    Heritage Breed Turkeys

    Heritage Breed Turkeys – Bourbon Red

    Heritage Breed Turkeys – Royal Palm

    Heritage Breed Turkeys – Standard Bronze



      Horned Dorset Sheep

      Horse Boarding

      Horse Pasture Boarding

      Jacob Sheep

        Karakul Sheep

        Katahdin Hair Sheep

        Lamb Meat Sold by Individual Cuts

        Lavendar Chickens

        Leicester Longwool Sheep

        Lincoln Sheep

        Livestock Guardian Dog Puppies

        Machine Spun Yarn

        Merino Sheep

        Merino Sheep – Natural Colored

        Merino Sheep – White

        Micron-Tested Fleeces

        Mill Spun Yarn

        Mille Fleur Cochin Chickens

        Miniature Donkeys

        Montadale Sheep

        Natural Colored Longwool Sheep

        Natural Colored Sheep

        Neck Warmers

        Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

        On-Farm Market and Bakery

        On-Farm Slaughter & Processing — Lambs and Goats

        On-Farm Wool, Yarn and Handknits Shop


        Organic Certified Farm

        Organic Hops

        Oxford Sheep

        Pastured Pork

        Pastured Poultry (also called free-range poultry)

        Peafowl (peacocks and peahens)


        Pygmy Goats


        Ram & Ewe Breeding Services

        Ram Leasing

        Rambouillet Sheep

        Red Angus-Limousine Crossbred Cattle & Steers

        Rhode Island Red Chickens (brown eggs)

        Romanov Sheep

        Romney Sheep


        Rug Yarn

        Rug Roving

        Scottish Blackface Sheep


          Sheep Breeding Stock

          Sheep & Goat Handling Equipment, Pens, Gates, Feeders

          Sheep and Goat Supplies & Equipment

          Sheep, Goat & Alpaca Shearing Services

          Sheepdogs (demonstrations – breeding stock)

          Shetland Sheep

          Shorthorn Cattle & Steers

          Shropshire Sheep

          Southdown Sheep

          Suffolk Sheep

          Tanned Sheepskin Pelts

          Texel Sheep

          Toggenburg Dairy Goats

          Tolbunt Polishes Chickens

          Tunis Sheep



          White Dorper Sheep

          Wool Dyeing Services

          Woolen Blankets

          Woolen Hats

          Woolen Socks

          Woven Throws