Shepherd of the year 2017 awarded to Emily Chamelin

Emily Chamelin, Westminster MD, was awarded the 2017 Shepherd of the Year at the Frederick County Sheep Breeders annual dinner at Dutch’s Daughter, November 3, 2017.

Shepherd of the year 2016 awarded to Patti Sanville

Patti Sanville, Frederick MD, was awarded the 2016 Shepherd of the Year at the Frederick County Sheep Breeders annual dinner at Dutch’s Daughter, November 4, 2016.

Distinguished Service Award 2015 given to Barbara Mullen & Family

The Distinguished Service Award was awarded to Barbara Mullen and family at the FCSB annual dinner at Dutch’s Daughter, November 6, 2015.   Photo:  left, Karren Sowell; middle, Barbara Mullen; right Sharron Pilson.   Karren’s husband Alex — and Sharron’s husband Donald were also acknowledged in the award for all their work at the County level, State level, […]

Shepherd of the year 2015 awarded to Peter Vorac

Peter and Kelly Vorac, Jefferson, Maryland, were awarded the 2015 Shepherd of the Year at the Frederick County Sheep Breeders annual dinner at Dutch’s Daughter, November 6, 2015.

2015 FCSB Annual Dinner

The Frederick County Sheep Breeders annual dinner will be held Friday, November 7 at Dutch’s Daughter in Frederick.

Pleasant Valley Shetlands Named 2013 Shepherd of the Year

leeanneLeeanne Reuter and Marc Leone of Pleasant Valley Shetlands and Shearing Services were named Shepherd of the Year by the Frederick Sheep Breeders Association.  The announcement was made at the annual meeting in November, 2013.  Read more

American Lamb Board Awards the FCSB a Grant

amlamb Thanks to the American Lamb Board for giving the Frederick County Sheep Breeders Association a grant for our participation in Frederick “In the Streets” in September of 2014.

Abused ewe rescued

em3Kimiko is a young ewe who was seized by a local animal control agency after they were alerted to her repeated abuse. She spent a week in intensive care at Blueridge Veterinary Hospital, and is now in rehabilitation at Star Gazing Farm animal sanctuary.

Has Closed: Halal Butcher Shop in Sharpsburg, Maryland

Local Lamb, Goat and Cattle producers can now provide their customers with lambs, goats, and cattle that can be processed in two ways — Regular Custom Processing — and Halal Custom Processing.

Czech Republic Dairy Goat Farmers Visit Area Farms and the Sheepman Supply Open House

Jan and Sarka Vesely, dairy goat farmers from the Czech Republic were in the U.S. visiting their son, Jan, who plays for the Washington Wizards, NBA team. During their stay, they visited several area farms.

Video – Lambs Singing “Jingle Bells”

Brooks Brothers Clothing Company developed this video using cute white-face lambs. The lambs are wearing Brooks Brothers fine wool cashmere sweaters and scarves. They were taught to sing “Jingle Bells”.

World’s Premier Shearing & Wool Handling Championship Masterton, New Zealand

Emily Chamelin, Maryland Sheep Breeder Member and a Frederick County Sheep Breeder Memvber is representing the U.S. in the Blade Shearing competition in Masterton, New Zealand – February 29 to March 3, 2012. Masterton is north of Wellington, on the north island, NZ. Go to the Golden Shears website for videos of the various electric […]