Marlindale Farm
Smith, Margie & Lynn
45 Robinson Drive
New Oxford, PA 17350
Phone: h: 717-624-4742 --- Margie's cell: 1-301-639-9411 --- Lynn's cell: 301-788-5505

marlindale-farmA unique farm with registered Blue-faced Leicester sheep. We have a small flock – 8-12 sheep only. Lambs arrive from late March to end of April and are for sale and ready to go by June. The ewes and ram are chosen for: fleece luster; fiber strength; consistency of fiber throughout the animal; conformation (I tend to like the sheep to be substantial throughout the back and hind end as well as length of the back). Our sheep have great length without the “swayback”.

The sheep share their pasture with “Topper” a retired Tennessee Walking Horse whose job is to herd and protect the sheep. All our sheep are covered year-round to protect their fleeces.  Most of our fleeces are shown and sold either privately, or at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. If you are interested in clean, lustrous wool with amazing crimp that will create a wonderful draping garment, then contact us for fleeces. We also have breeding stock lambs for sale as well as young market rams for slaughter.  Check us out on Facebook (under Margie Smith) or our website: for updated information.