Happy Easter

Eggstraordinary Egg Facts to Share With Family and Friends
  • The largest single chicken egg ever laid weighed a pound with a double yolk and double shell
  • The most expensive egg ever sold was the Faberge “Winter Egg” sold in 1994 for $5.6 million.
  • In cooking, eggs are “the cement that holds the castle of cuisine together.” because of their ability to bind, leaven, thicken, emulsify, clarify, and more in all types of recipes.
  • A mother hen turns over her egg about fifty times per day (so the yolk won’t stick to the sides of the shell) .
  • The hen must eat 4 pounds of feed to make a dozen eggs.
  • It takes a hen 24-26 hours to produce one egg.
  • A hen is born with a finite number of eggs.
  • While it is customary to throw rice at weddings in many countries, French brides break an egg on the threshold of their new home before stepping in- for luck and healthy babies.
  • Chickens came to the New World with Columbus on his second trip in 1493.
  • Iowa is the largest producer of eggs in the United States followed by Ohio and Indiana. NOTE: Maryland is ranked 30th
  • The United States produces nearly 95.2 billion eggs.
  • Often a hen will sing “the egg song” before or after she lays an egg. Some will sing during the process of laying. It is a cheerful song that seems to be a proud announcement.