Tweedside Farm — LuxeFibers & Wool

Drake, Debra
6089 John Barton Payne Road
Marshall, VA 20115
Phone: cell: 1-703-244-0500

Working in the Office 261x254

Exceptional fleece, fiber & artisan yarns for dying, spinning, knitting and weaving.

After years of looking — I just purchased my dream farm in Marshall, Virginia.

Have a lot of work to get the farm ready for sheep this coming year — new fences are one of my high priorities.

I’ll be raising:

.  Teeswaters — for their lustrous long, white locks — luv their little black noses & knees.

.  Swedish Gotlands — for shimmering shades of silver fleece — darling black faces & legs.

.  Bluefaced Leicesters (BFL’s) — for wool that feels good & soft against the skin — perfect for socks or sweaters.

I’ll be updating my farm listing in the near future.   In the meantime:

To view or purchase lustrous fleece and locks for hand-spinning, or my artisan yarns and mohair boucles, please visit my Etsy Shop.   You can also find me on the following sites:

.  Etsy shop:  LuxeFibers

.  Instagram:  LuxeFibers

.  Pintreest:  LuxeFibers