Chamelin Shearing Services
Chamelin, Emily (Lydia)
3230 Eckard Road
Westminster, MD 21157
Phone: 1-443-244-2702

Emily is a full-time Professional sheep shearer working in and around Frederick, Carroll, Howard and Baltimore Counties, the eastern shore, throughout Maryland, and surrounding states.  Care is taken to provide a quality wool clip as well as provide a good shearing experience for all.

chamelin-shearing-servicesEmily is experienced and knowledgeable about show fleeces, and care is taken to provide every producer with a high quality product.  She participates in the ASI Wool Quality Program, and has worked and trained with some of the top shearers in the country.

Emily is trained to shear with both machines (she uses a Heiniger Drop Shaft) as well as shear with Hand Shears (Blade Shearing).  Hand shearing does not cost extra and, as a member of the USA Sheep Shearing Team in this area, she is always looking for opportunities to practice her blade shearing.

Feel free to call or e-mail at any time to schedule a shearing date (the earlier the better), or if you have any questions.  Please visit my website listed above, to read more about the services.

Has access to fleeces and can help refer spinners to breeders with fleeces if she does not have what you are looking for.  Emily also helps smaller producers find and lease rams for breeding.  Contact Emily for more information.

Emily is also the Manager of the Maryland Wool Pool.  Go to “Events” and scroll down to June 18th. — Maryland Wool Pool.