PA Performance Tested Ram & Buck Goat Sale – Saturday, August 5, 2017 @ PA Livestock Evaluation Center (south of State College, PA)
Aug 5 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Excellent selection of performance tested 2017 Ram Lambs, and 2017 Meat Goat Bucks.   Rams and Buck Goats tested for rate of gain, loin eye measurement, soundness, codon tested, and more.

Go on the Livestock Evaluation Center’s website — click on “Catalogs” — download Sale Catalog.   Also, download the two-week performance reports — review their progress.


Questions — call Greg Hubbard, the Manager of the Ram & Buck Goat Test and Sale.

Talk with the Breeders of the Buck Goats and Rams.

Sale begins at 1:00 pm — Sale order:

Boer Bucks:  Senior Full Bloods, Junior Full Bloods, Senior Percentages, Junior Percentages.

Does will be sold following the Boer Bucks.

Rams:  Suffolk, Dorper, White Dorper, Texel, Dorset, Hampshire, Shropshire, Natural Colored, Crossbreds.

Ewes will be sold following the Ram Sale.

Food and refreshments sold by a local 4-H club.