Ambling Brook Farm
Matzinger, Dr. Polly and Dr. Pam Helton
4810 Elmer Derr Road
Frederick, MD 21703
Phone: Polly: 240-444-2047 --- Pam: 1-202-316-1646

Gotland Sheep, foundation ewe groupWe raise Gotland Sheep, Bluefaced Leicester Sheep and Border Leicester Sheep.

In addition we have fleeces, tanned sheepskin pelts, breeding stock, and lambs for ethnic holidays.

Interested in a Farm Tour.  We can arrange an educational and petting experience for school-age children.

Photo:  Group of foundation ewes.

Winning Fleeces (2) 378x283









Photo:  Award winning fleeces.

We also have sheepdog demonstrations.

James, a Border Collie working 378x231







Photo:  Border Collie working some sheep.